Abandoned... Experience the supremacy of Abandoned. Unleashing an unforgettable, energetically supercharged production, watch them transform every room they play. Once the lights go down, you can behold the reason they are Jersey’s most sought after act - singlehandedly rejuvenating the club circuit, proving they’re the hottest, wildest party around.

Innovators in the nightclub scene, Abandoned has an unparalleled reputation for performing an eclectic mix of the most popular, memorable hits, rocking selections from the past and present. Notorious for pumping up their sets, the quintet thrives on pushing boundaries and revamping songs, keeping the party atmosphere at fever pitch.

 With each show, fans are treated to a new presentation loaded with invigorating medleys and surprises galore. The buzz is spreading fast—Front woman, Bethany "BZ" Zorn, is a sight to see and a voice to be heard. Along with blazing guitar riffs and thunderous drumbeats, Abandoned is making the weekends memorable and gaining accolades for being a premier act on the verge of claiming the top spot. Fans crave their vitality, their theatrics, their majestic stage presence - They crave Abandoned.

Abandoned is:

Bethany - Vox

Dave - Bass / Vox

Louie - Lead Guitar

Dom - Rhythm Guitar / Vox

Rick - Drums